Auckland Chamber’s Business Speed Networking Event on Thursday 30th May


Let the networking begin!

Speed Networking is an event that requires a healthy attitude. All you need is “a pen, business cards and a glass of water,” said Robyn Henry, manager of the Convention Centre at 585 Great South Road.

Attendees to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce Speed networking event last Thursday arrived at 5pm for the 5.45pm kick-off. At 5.45pm the whistle blew and everyone moved to their seats, either in the inner circle or the outer circle. People checked their business cards, gulped water and shuffled.

Niven Brown from kanDO Innovation had his tablet and video-clip ready to roll. kanDO specialise in automation technology and Brown had a minute to show networkers the clip of mussels being shelled.

It looked like a lot of fun. At 7.30 the whistle finally stopped blowing. A number of connections and concepts had been shared. There was time for a debrief and a post-network drink at the bar.

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Our next Speed networking event is at Oram’s Marine Boat Park on 27th June from 5.30pm. Please email us at to book a space.

3 thoughts on “Auckland Chamber’s Business Speed Networking Event on Thursday 30th May

  1. Wow amazing how the world works. At Cadet Max we did pretty much the same thing. Except we were Interviewer & Interviewee 🙂 . Speed Networking would apply to Social Networking sites as well right?

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