Trade with Turkish kitchenware manufacturers

2013-05-10 10 59 26

On Friday 10 May representatives from the Turkish kitchenware sector met with Chamber International Manager Fuimaono Tuiasau to discuss business opportunities with New Zealand kitchenware retailers and wholesalers.

Alptekin Cotuk of cookware company Mehtap and Rifat Demir of Fath Plastik emphasised that developing Turkish business relationships directly with procurement managers of New Zealand kitchenware and homeware companies was a key ingredient to their business success. Mr Cotuk outlined the benefits for New Zealand consumers. “Turkish products are distinctive and known for their high quality, standard and price.  And suppliers are more than able to meet demand, ” he said.

The meeting was part of preparations for a large Turkish Trade delegation to New Zealand in October. Commercial counsellor of the Turkish Embassy Korhan Ercoklu, said that while the Embassy can provide channels for business contacts, more important was the actual and direct business connections both for this kitchenware sector and for the October delegation. Director of Metals Sectors of the Exporters Association Muharrem Kayili also provided other trade-related information and will be co-ordinating the metals industry leaders’ involvement in the October delegation.

The Chamber will be working closely with the Turkish Embassy to prepare for the Turkish Trade Delegation in October. For any further information please contact international Manager Fuimaono Tuiasau at